Volunteering for SoLO will change your life forever. We hesitate to raise expectations in this way but, listening to so many volunteers saying how they have learned things about themselves they never knew, and discovered talents they never imagined that they had, we know it’s true.

Volunteers usually join us as part of their career progression, then often stay on for years afterwards because it’s fun and massively rewarding. When you volunteer for Social Life Opportunities you begin a journey that not only changes the lives of the people you support but also your life and the lives around you.

Different volunteer roles at Social Life Opportunities require different levels of qualifications and expertise and we will equip you with the knowledge and skills to enable you to do this.

Interested in volunteering? email recruitment@sololifeopportunities.org to discuss available opportunities.

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.