SoLO’s values

In these turbulent There has never been a more appropriate time to review the values that underpin the work of SoLO.  We have worked with our staff and trustees over the past six months and have agreed that the following reflects the ‘Way we do things around here’


  • services are fully risk assessed, using appropriate equipment and resources
  • staff act with professionalism and are vigilant at all times
  • venues and environments are fit for purpose


  • positive relationships are evidenced
  • delivers on promises
  • reliable, prompt and response staff who are honest in all their dealings


  • fun activities, fully inclusive and person centred
  • staff who listen and respond to the needs of every individual
  • appropriate and creative resources are used


  • responds to change, maintaining focus on aims and objectives
  • learns from mistakes
  • keeps the needs of its members at the heart of all it does

All the above are designed to ensure that what our members, volunteers and staff experience is:


  • services offer good value for money
  • staff who go the extra mile to consistently ensure high standards
  • solo members achieve positive outcome

Want to remember SoLO’s values? think Quality Star!

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.