SoLO Supported Living Update

Were you aware that SoLO doesn’t just provide meaningful daytime activities for people with a learning disability? We are pleased to say we now offer overnight breaks and supported living opportunities as well in direct response  to requests from the families we support…..

After extensive research and planning we are now in the exciting position of securing our first property from which to run a Supported Living service. It is envisaged we will support 2 or 3 adults with a learning disability to lead independent, interesting lives in their own home and out in the community. We are in consultation with Social workers and Commissioners to identify our first tenants, and if this is something you are interested in please do contact us so we can look at potential options together. Funding for this support will generally come from Social Care and will require a financial assessment and support plan. If successful this model of care & support will be replicated in other properties, which could include those owned or rented by the individual themselves or family.

We believe that our longstanding relationship with many families and range of recreational activities, gives us a unique advantage over other providers, not to mention our commitment to excellence. The same quality which runs through our existing schemes will be clearly visible within this new service and our Values (Safe, Trusted, Adaptable, Resilient) will continue to be demonstrated on a day to day basis by the passionate and competent staff we employ.

If you want to find out more, please give us a call.

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