SoLO Fun

One of our core values is fun and this has stayed with the organisation since it was first conceived.

The dictionary definition of fun is  “enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure”

There is a danger that we can devalue fun when we consider it in this context.

However, there has been significant research into the impact of fun on learning.  Dorothy Lucardie, for instance, wrote on 14th August, 2014 in Science direct on this subject:

“Firstly both having fun and experiencing enjoyment were perceived by both learners and teachers as a motivator to attend classes and learn the knowledge and skills.

Secondly fun and enjoyment were considered a mechanism that encouraged concentration by learners and helped in the absorption of learning.

Finally having fun and experiencing enjoyment were identified as a proven way to build a socially connected learning environment.

The research indicates that a greater focus on the affective domain of adults learning experience, in particular fun and enjoyment could prove to be as beneficial and important as it is currently considered in children’s learning. A different approach to the design of adult learning experiences and methods that incorporates greater use of fun may mean that more adults are encouraged and motivated to participate in learning with enthusiasm for the journey and optimism for the outcomes.”

So, as SoLO reconsiders its values and looks to the future, we stand firm that we will continue to keep one of our core values as ‘Fun’.

We will continue to weave this into all of our programmes working with children and adults ensuring that they achieve the best outcomes through the use of enjoyable, fun activities that help them towards the goal of further independence.

When life is tough – which it is at the moment – we need to create fun for ourselves and our colleagues.

That is why it was so good, today, to see the level of enjoyment that an interactive board produced within the team in the office today.  It will be great on project if the fun that the team had with it was anything to go by!

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