SoLO Fest 2017

What a great day was had by all of who attended the SoLO Fest on Thursday 24th August.  From a germ of an idea with Katie and Alison sat at the kitchen table in Walnut Close discussing how they might make it work, it developed into a wonderful day showcasing all that is good about SoLO:

  • Team work – the Senior Manager and Project Managers of Evolve, Daylight and Teen Scheme all worked together to bring out the best support and range of activities that would work for their members. Staff in the office supported the event, sourcing resources and putting together the plans.
  • Volunteer input – from Joe who took the day off from his day job to provide wonderful SoLO themed mocktails, to Mike, Connor, Reis and Zac who organised the music and all of the other wonderful volunteers supporting the members to have such a great day.
  • Creativity – there was evidence of this in abundance.  Daylight, under the gifted instruction of Francis, produced some amazing festival flags, the bunting around the site looked wonderful and the overall effect was colourful and authentic.
  • Attention to detail – from the festival wristbands (although I did spot one member trying to eat hers!) to the ‘mud’ experience (I confess that I did not attempt this) the overall event was crafted to the last detail, and the benefit to the members was obvious.

Our SoLO members, most of whom were teenagers or young adults were given the opportunity to experience, first hand, the Festival Experience and, from the obvious enjoyment that was displayed and the active involvement, they were clearly fans of the event.

It is days like this that make me burst with pride over our wonderful staff and volunteers.

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.