Personal Assistant (PA)

Service Update (as of February 2023)

SoLO is not alone in being impacted by the shortage of available staff for the social care sector and as you are aware we have struggled to source staff for recent referrals. 

We have provided a successful personal assistance service for a number of years and we know how much PA’s contribute to the lives of those with disabilities and their families. 

SoLO has continued to try and facilitate the PA service by taking all steps we can to meet the need, however with the increase of referrals combined with the decrease of labour market within Health and Social Care we, along with other providers are struggling to keep up with demand. 

As a consequence, we are currently and regrettably unable to accept any new referrals with PA support at this time. It is SoLO’s aim to work closely with the local authority to help address the national crisis and to support much needed change within Health and Social Care recruitment and service provision in order to resume service as soon as possible and updates will be provided here.

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