SoLO Choir

A volunteer-led drop-in project, the SoLO Choir makes Friday evening the highlight of the week for the volunteers who organise it and for the members who share music, Makaton and, whenever someone has a birthday, cake!

Formed for the simple pleasure of singing together, the choir has often performed for an audience. Events include singing at the Solihull Methodist Church to celebrate the wedding of a choir volunteer, fundraising by singing at Dorridge Sainsbury’s and singing at a member’s birthday party.

We use and promote Makaton at the choir, which builds communication between all. The SoLO Choir includes some people who use Makaton for their main means of communicating and it is particularly rewarding to see friendships building as other members learn more signs. The choir participates in The Makaton Charity’s “sign of the week” by making videos to demonstrate each sign for the charity to share. Where possible, a song is performed that includes the chosen sign and these are very popular, and give even more performance opportunities to our members. PMLD members are welcome.

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.