Night Owl & Thursday Crew

Drop-in, weekly social clubs on Mondays and Thursdays, giving members a chance to meet friends regularly in the same place and enjoy the themed activities. Meeting the same group regularly allows the development of social skills, mutual trust and shared enjoyment. PMLD members are welcome and should be accompanied by their regular PA / carer. Cost per member is £5 plus £1 for each PA or carer.

Night Owl meetings are held every Monday at The Ivy Leaf, 2296 Coventry Road, Sheldon, B26 3JR.

Thursday Crew meeting are held at The Labour Club, 51 Clopton Crescent, Chelmsley Wood B37 6QU

Member Stories

Lucy has been a ray of sunshine.

Always kind and generous, since attending Thursday Crew Lucy has become more confident in speaking up for herself, while still being cheerful and caring.

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Member Stories

Simon can now cope with disappointments and enjoy friendships

Since attending regularly, Simon has learned to talk through difficult moments and to choose his responses. This has helped him to build relationships.

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Fundraising Partners and Heroes

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