A Woman is helping a man in a wheelchair to play a drum.


Evolve is an exciting, person-centred daytime project that caters for adults with high support needs: PMLD/ complex health needs/severe learning disabilities. It runs Monday to Friday 50 weeks a year, and provides a variety of multi-sensory activities creating opportunities for social interaction and learning new skills.

Staffing ratios are based and costed on the needs of the client but typically 1:1 or 1:2 with additional support as required, for example during personal care or trips in the community.

The project increases the skills of service users in a fun way within a social environment. It allows its service user to participate in a plethora of activities aimed at meeting different interests and aspirations such as independent living skills, travel training, social skills. Swimming and music remain firm favourites and are regularly offered within the varied programme.

We use specialist equipment including an interactive white board and eye-gaze technology, which is extremely beneficial to our members, and P Pod bean bags with moulded, made to measure seats which will benefit our service users who use wheel chairs.

There is sound evidence of the progress all existing service users have made, some are just small steps but are significant to those involved. These include a service user learning to say out loud another name other than “mum” (Deb- the name of a member of staff) – in 22 years this is the first new word – a wonderful testament to the time and energy invested into the project by the staff team.

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Carl has really enjoyed his time at Evolve, he comes home smiling every day.

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