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The Daylight project runs Monday to Friday from our venues in Chelmsley Wood (Daylight North) and central Solihull (Daylight South). It offers meaningful daytime activities via a member-led programme, providing a continually stimulating environment with a maximum of 20 members in each group and 1:4 staffing ratio.

Our aim is to provide a positive and meaningful experience, where people enjoy and look forward to coming to project. The activity programme is formulated from the ideas of the activities that members want to do, voted for democratically by the group and incorporated into a structured and varied timetable. All activities incorporate a core theme of developing and maintaining skills and experiences. Most of all it’s about having FUN!

We organise and facilitate a variety of internal and external activities. We regularly celebrate birthdays and have disco, pub and night club theme activities. We also go out to the cinema and to pub lunches. Theme parks and zoos are popular member choices – as are the Sea Life centre, Cadbury World and Drayton Manor Park. We aim to have one big day trip each year.

Here are the core themes and examples of how we incorporate them into activities

  • Social skills — developing positive relationships
  • Community access – being part of the community
  • Choice & risk taking —making our own informed choices. Independence
  • Personal care
  • Communication
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Cultural

We work with our members, the people who know them well and other relevant people and professionals involved in their life. This involves regular communication with parents and carers to ensure continuity of care and support, attending and facilitating meetings with social workers, speech therapists, psychologists and more,  when appropriate.

Member Stories

At 63, Heidi is one of our oldest members.

At 63, Heidi is one of our oldest members. Typically quiet during the sessions, her support staff say she always talks enthusiastically about her day, when she gets home.

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