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Service Enquiries

Whether you’re a parent, carer or guardian looking to register a family member or an individual interested in our services, the details outlined here will help you navigate the process smoothly, ensuring that you can access the support and care you need.

Become a registered service user

Each person in our service is assessed to determine their level of initial need and goals set to create a pathway of development. This is initially completed through a personal profile that you will receive at the beginning of the registration process.

From the assessment SoLO creates personalised Support Plans in conjunction with service users/families/professionals in social and healthcare. The Support Plans should ensure that support is only given where a person is unable to do something independently and for all other aspects the Support Worker will encourage/enable the service user to do as much as possible.

Their role is to “support” not to “do” except where the Service User is unable to do things. The Support Worker works with, not for the Service User.

To start the process or learn more contact us via

Phone: 0121 779 3865

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