Personal Assistant Services

Helping parents and carers to find the right personal assistant

Do you receive a personal budget or are you self funded? Instead of giving you a care service, your local social services may offer you a direct payment for you to arrange and pay for your own support.  You may be entitled to a direct payment if you are assessed by social services as having support needs, or you are currently receiving a community care service.

SoLO can employ a professional whom we assess and manage, to assist you with support and personal care and to access social, community and leisure activities.

What is the PA Service?

We  enable those who have access to a personal budget and who do not wish to employ someone direct, to be assisted for by a professional PA from our skilled and trained workforce.

For whom and where?

Our PAs provide support, including personal care where necessary, for children and adults with a learning disability, both within the home and outside in the community.


By providing a range of well trained, supervised and experienced PAs who can provide appropriate support that is matched to the needs of the individual, taking into account the nature of their disability, age, gender, race and other cultural needs


Our service gives confidence to the individual and to the parent/carer of the service user, ensuring peace of mind with the knowledge that they, their child or adult are well cared for.

How is SoLO different from an agency?

Everyone at SoLO works with and, in many cases, alongside people with learning disabilities. Many of those form whom we provide a PA, also use our other services. This means that our understanding of the individual needs and the demands put upon families, parents and carers, is not theoretical or abstract – it is part of our daily life for all of us. This helps us to choose the right person for you and to help them, and you, manage the relationship as it progresses. It also means that, when your PA needs a holiday, we secure the very best stand-in, available.

To select the right person, we work with parents and carers to fully involve them in the selection of the PA. This means that, amongst other things, we:

  • advertise the position (even if we have potentially suitable candidates on our books already)
  • interview shortlisted candidates
  • carry out all DBS and reference checks
  • arrange an introductory visit with the shortlisted candidates and the service user
  • recruit and induct the successful candidate
  • provide a contract of employment for the PA with a set probation period
  • provide all supervision, training and payroll administration
  • provide a relief worker should the specific worker be off sick or take annual leave
  • offer dispute resolution (if required)

The service explained

The cost for a Personal Assistant is currently £16.14 per hour.  For this you will have all the assurances outlined above.  You will also have peace of mind that SoLO as the employer is carrying out all of the administration and HR tasks for you.  PLUS you have dedicated staff within the SoLO team whom you can talk to should you be unhappy with any part of the service.

Service Guide – Community Support

Service Guide – Personal Assistant Service

We are happy to speak to you about pooling resources to fund a worker between two or more service users should you be interested in this option.

Please contact Emma Ramsey for more information on 0121 779 3865.

If you are interested in working as a PA, please see the Jobs page for PA vacancies.

The SoLO Personal Assistant Service is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Their reports are about the SoLO Personal Assistant Service only. You can see the ‘Easy Read’ illustrated report here and their full report here.

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