Simon: a 44 year old man with scoliosis, learning disabilities, a diagnosis of autism and no spoken language.

Predictability and familiarity with his daily routine are very important to Simon and he can become confused by changes. Simon lives in supported living. He used to attend a local day service, three times a week, but Simon’s home support team wanted somewhere that could better provide for his particular needs. Simon started with Evolve initially one day a week, in September. He now does two days a week. Simon likes the activities, especially swimming (which he hadn’t done for years) and trips out on public transport. Those at his home have noticed a dramatic change in Simon’s behaviour and mood, and in his relationships and confidence with other housemates. Simon has made friends at Evolve and likes the daily board showing what the plan for the day is. He often refers back to it to check. Within the last month Simon has started saying words like yes and no (instead of using thumbs up and down) and the words drink and tea. Simon likes to make drinks for his friends by asking them. He smiles and gets excited when praised. The staff encourage Simon to use words now and repeat back. This is a positive step forward and a great example of Evolve’s person-centred service.

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