Miles has learned to act with far greater independence

Miles is a long time member and has attended various adult projects over the years. He has always attended with his mum who is also a member. This has meant that Miles usually gets his mum to buy his drink, pay his subs and anything that needs him to manage by himself but he would rather not.

This has changed dramatically as with gentle encouragement between staff and Miles (and his mum) he has started to develop his independence and confidence in managing his own money, paying his entry fees for not only himself but his mum too. Purchasing drinks from the bar and snacks, while understanding the costs and waiting for change etc. This has meant he has started to interact with more people, bar staff and members as he would generally only talk to staff. At Waterloo, Miles has started to develop friendships, has broken away from his mum enough for him to gain confidence to dance. He even has a girlfriend who he meets at Waterloo every Wednesday! Mum is happy with Miles’s new found confidence which, in turn, is helping her to talk to new people while attending project.

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