Lucy has been a ray of sunshine.

Lucy has been a ray of sunshine. When she attends Thursday Crew she is always cheery and because of this she creates a wonderful atmosphere around her. Because she only seems to see the good in people, this makes her a little vulnerable as people can take advantage of her kind and generous nature. She has over the last few months learnt how to protect herself and her feelings with help from staff and volunteers, helping her to realise she doesn’t have to buy all her friends drinks, or give up the raffle prizes she won because her friends wanted it and that she has the right to save her pennies for herself and take the prizes home to enjoy. Lucy always put others first and has such a lovely nature, she always includes others and really values the friendships she has made at Thursday Crew and has gradually gained more confidence in activities like dancing and now leads the way when her favourite tunes come on! She has become more confident in speaking up for herself, while still being cheerful and caring and is a popular member on project.

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

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