Jenna: a 30 year old lady with learning disabilities and Trisomy 8 Mosaicism Syndrome.

Since joining Evolve, Jenna has gone from a shy quiet young lady to joining in with the daily planning, helping her friends and being a key person on projects. We have been able to support Jenna with her independent skills. She likes to take part in the cooking sessions and to learn new things. On a recent visit to safe side she went home and tided her wires and plugs up in the bedroom, told mum the dangers she had learnt and put some changes in place at home. Jenna has grown on many levels including her fear of water. She used to refuse to go into the pool. Now, staff helping her, Jenna goes into the water, swims with arm bands and is determined to swim unaided one day. Her mother has noticed a positive change at home and Jenna seems much happier with her day-to-day life.

Jenna has a fear of stairs and escalators. We have been able to encourage her to use the stairs with support from staff and are working towards escalators. Jenna has an excellent relationship with staff and other service users and often encourages others to try new things. She supports them, often making other members certificates for their achievements.

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