Fundraising madness!

Congratulations to the Prime team who spaced hopped from Solihull to Hatton on Saturday to raise funds for SoLO.  Their Coventry colleagues started out from their office base to do the same for Zoe’s Place.  Prime are partnering both charities for two years and take their fundraising very seriously as you can see!  This is the latest in their calendar of events  and I’m sure there were some seriously sore muscles at the end of the venture – as well as some trashed space hoppers!   It can’t be easy hopping on pavements or canal towpaths for any length of time (I tried it for about 3 minutes when I met up with them in Knowle!)  Thanks guys – it’s amazing what lengths people will go to for the sake of charity – and we are so grateful!

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.