Our People

Our Leadership Team

Empowering people with learning disabilities has dominated the careers of all of our senior executives. Their shared dedication is matched by thorough professional training and experience. Together, they rely upon their executive teams, personal assistants, project staff and volunteers, to provide the best services of their kind with first class administration to match. Interested in learning more about joining SoLO, visit our careers page.

A photo of Lesley Beer, CEO at SoLO

Lesley Beer


A photo of Alison Kaufmann, Head of Operations at SoLO

Alison Kaufmann

Head of Operations

Our Trustees

Some of our trustees have direct personal experience of living with learning disabilities themselves, or with someone who does. All are selected because they bring necessary skills and perspectives to the board, together with a deep commitment to be of service to the charity and its members.

A photo of Jan Prior, Chair at SoLO

Jan Prior

Chairperson – Involved since 2006

A photo of Andrew Gilead, a SoLO Trustee

Andrew Gilyead

Trustee – Involved since 2017

A photo of Paul Beech, a SoLO Trustee

Paul Beech

Trustee – Involved since 2000

A photo of Jon Prior, a SoLO Trustee

Jon Prior

Trustee – Involved since 2018

A photo of Henry Griffiths, a SoLO Trustee

Henry Griffiths

Trustee – Involved since 2018


Rehana Begum


A photo of Jayne Hume, A SoLO Trustee

Jayne Hume

Trustee – Involved since 2023

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.