What is the youngest age of those you can help?

Please call no matter how young the person in your care, is. If we cannot help directly, we will almost certainly know those who can. That said, our projects and activities for children are primarily for those aged six and above.

Is there an upper age limit to those you can help?

No. Our oldest members now are in their sixties.

Do you offer supported living places to people living with PMLD?

Yes. The number of places is small, but growing. Please contact us on 0121 779 3865

Do your members have to live close to your premises?

No, though the further away you live from us, the more that practicalities can get in the way. We have many members who are based more than an hour’s drive from Solihull, but few who are more than two hours away.

Fundraising Partners and Heroes

We are delighted to be involved with, and enjoy the support of, all of these organisations and more.