A Day in the Life of a CEO

I am not sure which part of my job description covers ‘climbing through a window’ but it has made me reflect on how diverse my job is.  When my children were younger, they thought that when you made it to manager you just sat in an office and told everyone else what to do whilst you drank coffee…… I wish!

So, here is a reflection on my day – if anyone is interested!  Most of the morning, I spent refining the papers for the trustee board meeting ensuring that they captured everything that needed to be reported on in a concise way with just enough information to inform, but not so much that they all fall asleep!  Next came my window climbing feat – as the only safe access to our new extension is through the office window (unless of course I wished to climb the scaffolding which I declined!) there followed a discussion with the electrician – did we want industrial lighting fittings with 5 year guarantee but without replacement bulbs?  Or do we go for a more domestic style where you can replace the bulbs when they blow?  Whilst 5 years seems a long time – we are now coming up to 5 years at the Fire Station and it has flown by.  Would I want lighting at the Fire Station that I have to pay an electrician to change, or would I prefer the option of changing a lightbulb?  Clearly the domestic option was chosen. Then decisions about where we want the wall to go and then back through the window to the next task.

I didn’t expect this to be rescuing a small boy from a tree – however, when I went to my car and discovered a very small boy stuck up the tree in the land adjacent to ours, I couldn’t just leave him there.  Our lovely builders came to the rescue and the small boy went safely on his way, but not until I had given him a short lecture on health and safety!

Next job – celebrate with the childrens team as the last day of holiday activities is here and the success of the programme is evident.  The lovely Deb brought in some fizz and we all had a very small glass (we are at work after all!) together with chocolate.

Now, for the last part of the day, I will be tackling my filing – I could ask one of the admin team to do it for me, but it needs sorting and in the whole scheme of things, I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.  Sometimes, even when you get to management level, you still have to do some filing to keep yourself in order.

Thrown in, during the day, for good measure – checking that the ball welcome drinks have been sourced (well done Maria!) touching base with Alison on whether the extension will be done in time for the JLR visit (sorry Alison – still not sure) confirming how many smoke detectors we will need and where they need to go, sorting out the bank mandate and checking the financial controls policy, amending the recruitment policy and chasing a few funding bids.  Oh, and of course, responding to the emails that constantly ping in front of me and are just too tempting not to respond to.

Just a pretty normal day really!

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